25 4 / 2011

14 4 / 2011

There are definitely days that I feel like this….

There are definitely days that I feel like this….

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14 4 / 2011

Have you ever realized that job hunting is just like dating? Think about it. You showed interest in a company. You apply which is like flirting to get their attention. Then you wait to see if they flirt back. They leave you hanging for days or even weeks. Just as your about to show interest in someone else, they let you know if they are interested or not.

Once you get the interview you start the dating process. You have uncomfortable conversations about the challenges you’ve faced and have to find out what they want you to tell them about yourself. After your first date, you sit and wait to see if they call you and ask you out for a second date. If you’re lucky enough to get the second date you start to sell yourself even more without going over that boundary. Then you wait to see if they want to call you and have a relationship. Once you have the relationship and you’ve passed the temporary hire period you’re finally married and they are stuck with you. I really wish I was married to a company right now. Job hunting is hard!

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Many people wonder what its like to intern for The Henry Ford. My typical day starts at 9:30am. My drive takes me about 40 minutes to get from Ann Arbor to Dearborn. The first thing I do are daily clips. These are the clips that mention the museum, local news and arts and entertainment. Lately, we have been clipping a lot of stories referring to the strike of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The clips are sent to everyone at the museum so they know what is going on in the area. 

This is the only task that stays the same on a daily basis and even then I sometimes don’t have time to complete those. I have assisted with television shoots for Detroit 1-8-7, interviews with reporters and curators, and even a shoot with Ford Racing. I have even met Trevor Bayne, the youngest person to win a NASCAR race. With the constant on the go needs of the job it’s encouraged to wear business casual and comfortable shoes.

When interning for The Henry Ford, you don’t only work in the museum. I have also been assisting the social media manager with content for the blog posts she’s been doing on Greenfield Village. I have done everything from visiting the glass shop to watching the horses get new shoes. 

How many people can walk around a museum all day. I love every minute of my internship. I have made so many contacts and expanded my network. I have also learned more about history and cars than I thought I would ever learn. My advice to anyone looking for an interest is to find a place that interests you. 

07 4 / 2011

It’s amazing how Twitter can connect people. I was lucky enough to have this experience through Twitter not too long ago. I have been reading a book, Branding Yourself by Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy. They had put their Twitter hashtags in the book so I tweeted them about how much I enjoyed the book. They both tweeted back and Lacy even direct messaged me to ask me questions. That was the first time that I had ever had a connection like that through Twitter. It just shows how far social media can take people.

In my social media class, we had an assignment to find a journalist or a thought leader through social media and interview them. I used this connection to interview Kyle Lacy. I had no idea how much he had done with his life. In 2007, Lacy started Brandswag which has since changed its name to MindFrame where he is a principal. He is also the author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies, and the second edition comes out in 2011 and has been recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the top 40-under-Forty business professionals, at the time he was only 25. 

Lacy got his start in social media working for a student run record label called Orangehaus Records. The label used Myspace and Purevolume to market the CD of an artist that was under the label. The marketing for the CD was successful and from there he knew that there was value in social media. Lacy has discovered that his strength is understanding how to integrate social media with all the traditional tool like direct mail and email marketing. That’s what his company MindFrame does this for various businesses and nonprofits. 

Starting his company was anything but easy. He had the purpose but he still had to deal with personalities, cash flow and systems challenges. Lacy suggests that in order to work with other people when starting a company you need to be honest with them and be open to suggestions. Also, you need to deliver what you promised which isn’t always easy. His company deals mostly with nonprofits helping them to raise more money and reach more people. But they also offer training and consulting for companies that need to teach their employees how to work in the world of digital communcation.

Lacy feels that Facebook and Twitter are two of the largest milestones in technology. They have changed the way online technology is used by people. You can connect with more people from many different areas of the world. Lacy also has his opinions on what the future of social media and technology will be. 

"The only thing that I will stake claim on is mobile. Technology will become more advanced and mobility will be the key to the future. In regard to social media, who knows. Facebook may reign king but you never know what could happen." - Kyle Lacy

In the age of social media it’s important to keep up with the changing times. Lacy has been recognized for his blog kylelacy.com by AdAge 150, the Wall Street Journal Online, and he’s been ranked on over five global blog lists. He also stressed that it’s important for students to blog if they want to be in the field of social media. 

"My advice is to write as much content as possible. Content. Content. Content. If you do not have the ability to start a blog and write three paragraphs a day/ five days a week about the world of communication and digital technology you should find another profession." - Kyle Lacy

Twitter has allowed me to connect with someone I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet. Kyle Lacy has offered his expertise into the world of social media. If you would like to connect with him read his blog at kylelacy.com or follow him on twitter@kyleplacy.

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LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals and students alike, but especially students that are getting ready to graduate and join the professional world. Most students use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis but don’t realize that they shouldn’t use Facebook for their professional lives. 

Anne Clark, an account executive with LinkedIn said, “I use Facebook for fun. I keep my professional life and personal life separate.” 

Clark and a 2004 Eastern Michigan graduate, Stephanie Davis, presented Making the Most of LinkedIn on February 24, 2011. Both women are account executives with the LinkedIn Chicago Office. LinkedIn was started in 2003 with the mission to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” 

I was surprised to see how much you could actually do with LinkedIn. It isn’t just a place to post your resume and let other professionals know about your accomplishments. You can use LinkedIn for connecting and researching companies as well as using it to keep your business contacts in one place instead of carrying business cards with you. 

Clark and Davis recommended that students use LinkedIn when starting to search for jobs and/or internships. They gave the “5 Golden Rules of Student LinkedIn Profiles.” They are: 

  1. Choose a professional photo of you alone
  2. Your headline should have your area of study and/or career ambitions
  3. Have a keyword rich summary that includes the types of positions you are seeking
  4. Include volunteer activities, internships and extra curriculars
  5. Get recommendations from professors, advisors and internships
Since many companies are starting to use less resumes and ask that you just send your LinkedIn profile, it’s important for students to keep their profile up-to-date. Connections are also an important way for students to find jobs and get in with companies.
LinkedIn recommends for students to connect to:
  • Alumni
  • Career Center Staff
  • Parents and other relatives
  • Friends
  • Internship managers and colleagues
  • Former bosses
  • Connections from volunteering
  • Professional association members
Through connections it can be easier for a student to find a job and to be seen by companies. However, it’s important to be careful what you post online. LinkedIn said that 70% of hiring managers say they reject job applicants because of info they find online.
LinkedIn is great tool for any student looking to get connected with professionals and companies. Make sure to use it wisely and find companies that interest you and connect to them.

08 3 / 2011

So lately, I’ve been looking into jobs and preparing for interviews and the one question that I always dread is “Tell me about yourself.” Really, you ask me a completely open-ended question and you want me to tell you about myself. Well, what do you want to know? That I love animals and I’m slightly obsessed with horses? How about that I have an anal retentive side when it come to organization? I could tell you about my goals but I know you’ll ask me that question later on. 

Seriously, could they find a worse question to ask someone? I know you don’t want to know about my personal life or the fact that I got a degree in PR you already know that. But, it’s there every interview. A loaded question to see if they can make me say something inappropriate by wanting to get to know my personally. If I get the job I’ll tell you about me personally. Until then lets keep the questions to what I can bring to your company. 

Here’s some other awful interview questions via The Oatmeal:


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Title: Pictures, Pictures Everywhere 

Description: Everything photography and photography related.

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02 2 / 2011

Let’s face it politicians don’t have many fans no matter what they do. Somebody will always be angry or disagree with their choices. It’s a fact of life. One of the campaigns that I agree with is First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign. 

Let’s Move! is a campaign the First Lady started to combat childhood obesity. The goal is to empower parents to get their children moving, having schools provide healthier food options, make healthy and affordable food more accessible and increase the overall physical activity of children. The idea came after she broke ground on a garden in the White House and began to talk about nutrition with elementary aged children that helped.

You can even find the Let’s Move! Campaign on social media. The campaign is currently on Facebook, Meet Up, and YouTube. The one that I find most interesting it Meet Up. Meet Up is a social network where people post events and other people in the area can also attend. This is a great idea for the Let’s Move! Campaign. It always for families to get their kids together and do some sort of physical activity.

Facebook is used to get the word out about what’s going on in Washington D.C. regarding the USDA as well as contests they have going. There are also links posted for healthier eating and stories from around the country about how they are getting their children moving. 

YouTube has videos with sport stars, characters and even the Whitehouse chef. They all tell kids about how to get active and the benefits to eating healthy. There are even videos of kids doing activities at the Whitehouse.

The use of social media seems to really be helping the campaign. Meet up has 425 cities involved and Facebook at almost 42,000 fans. The success stories are even posted on Facebook to be read. 

The only recommendation I have would be to get the Let’s Move! Campaign on twitter. They could use is for daily health tips or daily activity suggestions. Just something quick and easy to give parents a dinner or activity idea to do with their kids.

This just goes to show you that no matter the campaign, social media can be used to get the word out. To learn more about the Let’s Move! Campaign visit www.letsmove.gov.

27 1 / 2011

I really think that the #backchannel has revolutionized the way people watch the news. I know for me I actually watched the news instead of just having it on to half listen or not watching at all. Normally, I just get online and skim headlines but I actually listened to the stories and it was fun to see what other people had to say. It was nice to get another point of view to the news going on in your area.

#Backchannel is a twitter hashtag that you can use to follow the WXYZ broadcasts. It allows you to ask questions and have someone at the station or an anchor answer your question. 

#Backchannel has quite the following with many people logging in to join the chat during the news broadcasts. I think this is really helping to bump viewers for the news because they actually want to chat with other tweeters and get answers to their questions. I think this works out really well because Twitter seems to be much faster at refreshing than Facebook. If they were to do a Facebook page I think it would be for fans of the #backchannel and inform people about the #backchannel.

I really enjoy #backchannel for the way that it is now. I like feeling like I’m part of the newscast. It makes the newscast more enjoyable. It’s also fun to be mentioned by the anchors or get a shout out on the air. I would recommend #backchannel to anybody that wants to watch the news in a whole different way.